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True Radiance was created to Inspire & Empower the women of tomorrow to love their version of Beautiful, to radiate Confidence and to step into their Purpose.

Specialising in workshops to encourage Teen and Tween Girls to be authentic, and happy, healthy and empowered.

It is not just about the outside, True Radiance is nurtured from within and we want to create a space of growth for this to flourish.


  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.
  1. advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).


Our workshops vary in content and length. Subjects covered in our workshops will include confidence, skincare, nutrition, self-love, makeup, self esteem tools, understanding your body and much more. Visit our Events Page to see what are our Upcoming Workshops.

Workshops can also be tailor made for you and your Children so just contact us to explore this option. 

Sisterhood Nights

SisterHood Nights are a way for women of all ages to come together and create a community of support and encouragement for each other. True Radiance is generally focussed on Teen and Tween girls but we all know that the more we spend time with other generations the better we are.

These nights will be spread out over the year and on an array of topics for us to discuss, share and learn about in a safe, fun, and encouraging way.

Visit our Events Page to see when the next one is!

One on One Mentoring

If you are looking for extra support for your young person we do offer 1:1 Mentoring. This is a time to chat, relax doing a fun activity and to focus on the areas that your child may need some extra help with. 

To find out more and to discuss whether this is right for you contact us.

Schools Program

These workshops will be available to schools as a 2hr workshop or a Series over a certain number of weeks. The workshops can be customised to suit your curriculum or program. Visit the School Programs page for more information or please contact us for more information or how we can work with you to provide for your students. 


"My Mission and Passion is to help all Women find their version of Beautiful, to radiate Confidence and step in to their Purpose." 

Rebecca Raymond
Founder & Director

Singer, Performer, Vocal Coach, Makeup Artist, Skincare & Beauty Educator. Rebecca has had a diverse and interesting Career and in all of those areas has found herself sharing and talking with young people. 

Being apart of the Music and Beauty Industry she realised we are all being affected by beauty ideals, societal expectations and the effects of social media however the younger generation are affected more than ever. After teaching Skincare & Self Esteem classes, Beauty & Confidence Workshops in schools and teaching singing students she felt a passion to offer more in this area. 


True Radiance was created to help break through beauty & societal expectations and offer a space for Teen & Tween Girls to chat, be themselves and gain the tools to help them to grow in love, self respect and confidence in who they were made to be. 

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